Do you like green eggs and ham….burgers?

Would you like them with a fish? On a tram? On a dish? You will like them here, we wish! Would you? Could you? On a plate? Don’t be late! Come and see them! Watch us cook! Give a look! Make haste to taste! You will like green eggs with ham….burgers!

So here’s the deal . . .

In recent years, the Big Green Egg has come to symbolize outdoor cooking. When asked what springs to mind when you hear the name Big Green Egg (a/k/a simply the Green Egg), often folks will answer – Dr. Seuss (you know, the Cat-in-the-Hat dude).  It gets better . . .

For years, Athens, Texas has been recognized as the “Home of the Original Hamburger.” Sure, there have been others to make similar claims, but it’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Anyway, partner the two – Dr. Seuss and Athens, Texas, and you get  . . .

GREEN EGGS and HAM . . . BURGERS (and other stuff, too!)

. . . a friendly gastric get-together known to most as an Eggfest.

And my friend, you’ve lived a sheltered life if you haven’t been to an Eggfest!  Participants come from across the country to showcase their personal recipes, meet with fellow Eggheads, and share some great food with the crowd!

Watch cooking demos throughout the day and experience the Big Green Egg firsthand with the opportunity to do your own cooking on the Eggs!  A variety of vendors will also be on hand with many kitchen and grill-related products.

There is no registration fee to cook. Upon check-in at the event, each cook will receive a gift card from Brookshire’s and Morrison Supply to buy provisions with, and lots of other goodies provided by our vendors!  Only registered Cooks will be admitted to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center by pass. Standard admission fees are noted below.

In honor of this, our 5th Annual Athens Eggfest, individuals will pay only $5 at the event for a special wristband that allows you to taste as much as you’d like!  Although we have required Pre-Event Registration previously, please note – we will NOT Pre-Register for the 2015 event.  Everyone pays only $5 – even on the day of the event!

Individuals interested in owning a Big Green Egg cooker may purchase demo eggs at substantially discounted prices following the event.  To learn how you can purchase one of these Demo Eggs, click HERE.

Got a few questions about cooking on a Big Green Egg?  Ask it in the Egghead Forum. Eggsperts from around the world are happy to help answer them!!!

Companies interested in sponsoring this event or becoming a vendor should contact Jim Booker at 903-676-2277.

This event is made possible through the generous support of:  Morrison Supply, Paragon Distributing, Brookshire’s, TFFC, and First State Bank – Athens.


17 responses to “Do you like green eggs and ham….burgers?

  1. Hello:
    I filled out a deposit two weeks ago for buying a demo egg of April 11th, 2015? Will I get some type of confirmation? Or is my credit card info just “out” somewhere? And if this is not correct, when will applications be put out to buy one this year?

    • Good morning Mr. Harwell – the online form is sent directly to our Big Green Egg vendor. I will confirm his receipt if yiur request and get nack with you. The 2015 event site will go live within the next week or so.

  2. Thank you very much 4Soggy. Please email me when you know as I have to make plans asap to attend and purchase. Thanks and regards

  3. Hello:
    I have a business making custom tables for big green eggs in Austin, and I was wondering if you had any vendors coming out with any tables to the egg fest?

    My website is:

  4. My Cub Scout pack is coming out to Athens to camp the weekend of Eggfest and had planned to visit the hatchery as our Saturday activity and picnic for lunch. I am confident I will have a mutiny if all those little boys (and dads!) smell barbeque and can’t get to it. Would it be possible to arrange a group rate for the “spectator” tickets?

    • Let me check on this and see what we can work out! We’d love to have the boys there!

    • Hello, Ashley-

      I have posed your question to event organizers and unfortunately, we’re just not able to offer discounted rates to anyone. Tasters are admitted with special arm bands and are allowed to circulate throughout the cooking area, tasting as little or as much as they’d like – as long as the supply lasts. There are several large groups booked into the Fisheries Center that day and it’s the consensus of our organizers that if discounted rates were offered to them, these groups could affect the amount of food being served to the general public that has paid full price. I sincerely hope that you’ll understand. If any of your group is interested in tasting, please keep in mind that by pre-registering for the event they can avoid the possibility of an increased entry fee.

  5. What are the hours of the BGE Fest in Athens 2015?

    • We’ll be open for tasting from 9am until 3pm. Then at 4pm, we’ll begin loading up the Demo Eggs for delivery to their new homes. A complete schedule may be found on the “About the Event” tab of this website.

  6. Can you be a vendor without cooking on the Green Egg? Like give samples of our food to visitors and promote our business?

    • What type of samples will you be distributing? Providing your products do not compete with those offered by Morrison Supply (our Title Sponsor), we’d love for you to be on hand? Please contact Jim Booker at 903-670-2266 for more details and to register as a vendor.

  7. My son, Kent Mile, and I would like to volunteer as chefs but we will cook together on the same Green Egg.

    • Sounds good! Please complete the form at the bottom of the Be A Cook tab of this site so that we can have your complete team information. See you soon!

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